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Helping multilingual employees find balance and support
School and language issues are a major concern of many expat families. When moving to a new country, parents must consider the best choice of school for their children, as well as ways to maintain the languages already spoken at home. A critical step in supporting expat employees is supporting their families as well. CEC goes in-company to provide a number of services for new or long-standing employees with concerns or questions about schooling and language concerns.

Supporting multilingual employees: Aside from family related language issues, multilingual employees also often deal with the unique challenges of working in a non-native language. While having the ability to use more than one language for work is a benefit, it also challenges employees in ways that are not always obvious. Understanding the nature of the language/personality/culture continuum can help employees better respond to the unique challenges of working in another language. 
Seminars for parents: 
  • Raising Bilingual Children: Six building blocks for success
Individual Language Planning Sessions
  • In conjunction with one or more seminars, book 8 -12 30-minute individual sessions for employees, in which they can directly address their families' language situations. 
For employees:
  • Working in a second language: Boon or bust?
Eowyn Crisfield,
Aug 25, 2013, 2:33 PM