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Schools: Supporting staff; supporting learners

CEC offers a wide variety of training options for schools, from one-off INSET seminars to a whole-school training program for EAL support. 
In the 2013/2014 academic school year, CEC"s "Beyond EAL" training program is being piloted in the UK, as the focus of a project looking at the effects of whole-school training on improving EAL provisions. More information on this program is available to schools interested in maximizing resources for EAL pupils and harmonizing approaches that benefit all learners. 

An article about the pilot program can be found here: MA TESOL students help local schools embrace EAL training

Schools can choose from the ready-made training options outlined here, or request a bespoke seminar/workshop to address a particular issue. 

Additionally, CEC offers consultation and planning services, to help schools evaluate EAL/ELL/bilingual education provisions and create programs designed to meet the needs of all their pupils and implement new programs. 

“Eowyn captures her audience from the moment she starts speaking. Her knowledge of supporting and teaching children as additional English language learners has been an overwhelming support to children and teachers alike. Not only does Eowyn help you to recognise the challenges facing an EAL learner, she provides the knowledge and tools to ‘fix’ them. “

Claudia van de Laar-Newson
Head of Early Years
British School of Amsterdam

INSET/Training seminars - available individually or in packages. 

1.1 Bilingualism in Education: Understanding your learners

1.2 EAL in the Classroom:  Key strategies and best practices. (Early years or Later Years)

2.1 School Language Policy Planning

2.2 Parent Information Seminar: Parents as Language Partners

3.1 Literacy for Young Learners

3.2 Literacy for the Middle Years

3.3 Literacy for Secondary School.

3.4 From Classroom to ELL and Back: Collaborative Curriculum

3.5 Assessment with Empathy and Accuracy

3.6 Creating Classroom Resources: Starter Kits/Working Walls/Vocabulary collections

3.7 Parent Information Seminar: Collaborating for Success: School and Family Language Planning

Additional seminars available on EAL assessment (initial) and SEN and EAL.

Bespoke seminar and workshop development on consultation. 

Consultancy Services:

- EAL program evaluation/restructuring

- Program development for bilingual education

- Materials development for staff training
















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