Every teacher is a language teacher

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CEC has expertise in all areas of language learning, and provides professional development related to: EAL/ELL, home language, Host country language, world languages, and literacy. All of the professional development seminars and workshops combine theory and practice, and are tailored to the school's unique population and needs. Eowyn draws on her current academic work to ensure that all professional development work is based on the most recent research findings, made relevant for teachers and schools. 

A sample of current CPD offerings are:

- Bilingualism in Education: Understanding your learners

- Language development in the classroom

- Cross-curricular literacy enhancement

- Assessment with empathy and accuracy

- Pedagogical translanguaging


A full outline of in-house developed professional development can be found here

Parents as Language Partners

Parents are a key part of every child's language journey, and a successful relationship between the school and home is key to success. At all schools I work with I also deliver a Parents as Language Partners session, to ensure that parents also share the same knowledge about language development as the school has, and understand their role in nurturing their children to academic and linguistic success.

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