Immersion / bilingual schools

Advisory and Development Support for Immersion and Bilingual Schools

Are you an immersion or bilingual school looking for support in programme development, professional development or parent support? CEC has extensive experience in the field of immersion/bilingual education, and can help your school get to the next level.

Designing, implementing and delivering an immersion or bilingual education program is a complex and profoundly important task. The wide variety of factors that go into making operational decisions on an individual level can lead schools to adopt a “ready-made” model and program. However, it is clear from research that the success of any program depends on how it responds to the needs of the students, and how it interacts with the local language ecology. 

Services for immersion/bilingual schools:
Structural Support

CEC provides support to start-up schools and existing schools, to develop or refine immersion/bilingual programmes. This can include the following:

  • Needs Analysis (for new schools/programmes)

  • School Audit (for existing schools/programmes)

  • Advising on programme structure and staffing

  • School Language Policy Development

Implementation support

CEC provides on-going support for immersion/bilingual schools in the areas of professional development and resourcing. This can include the following:

  • Professional development on key topics such as:

    • Understanding bilingual development at school

    • Dual-literacy development

    • Pedagogy for language-rich teaching (EMI, CLIL, etc.)

  • Resource building and development

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