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But math is about numbers...? (Spotlight on Good Practice series)

One of the main challenges in instilling an "every teacher is a language teacher" ethos in schools is building understanding of languages across the curriculum. There is very often a default to EAL/ELL or English departments for language development, with subject-teachers opting out of planning for language development. This is likely in part due to lack of expertise in English language development, and partly due to the time constraints in terms of planning and teaching that all teachers work under. Nonetheless, moving forward in cross-curricular planning for language development is a critical step in creating an environment that supports language development in international schools. Over

From “good enough” to great: Best practice with higher level EAL learners

There is a consistent pattern in schools today of increasing numbers of students with an EAL designation and a concurrent decreasing in funding for EAL. This leads to natural tensions between the explicit needs of learners with EAL and the ability of schools to meet these needs. Often this means that students who are new to English get support, but as soon as they are “good enough” they become mainstream students in terms of teaching and learning. The differences between daily proficiency and academic proficiency in a language are not always obvious or easy to tease out, and thus are often left unattended to in schools. Students, especially older ones, can often masquerade as fluent English

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