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EAL, ESL, EFL, MFL! What's the difference (and does it really matter?)

There are myriad terms used to describe languages in education, and it's often seen as a minor issue to choose a title for a language provision. Appearances can be deceptive though, and what we choose as a category for a language has implications for how we envision the curriculum and pedagogy. In this post I am going to define some of the most common terms, and discuss what the associated curricula and pedagogical approached are. 1. English as an additional language (EAL); English language acquisition (ELA); English language learning (ELL) These terms cover the most commonly used titles for English language teaching and learning in international schools. They are used to designate provision

Off to a good start with language learners

Happy New Year! As someone who has spent her whole working to the academic calendar, September 1 is always my "New Year". It feels like the time to make new plans, perhaps a resolution or two, and think forward to what I want to accomplish. For teachers going into the classroom this week for the first time, or for the 20th time, there are always ways to expand our practice. Today I'm going to share my Top 5 ideas for getting off to a good start with your language learners. 1. Make sure you can pronounce their names properly. We've all felt that moment of dread, looking at the register and seeing a completely unfamiliar name. If we don't make sure to know those names in advance, children will

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