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Developing (and using) Language Profiles

Providing appropriate support for language learner students starts with understanding where they have come from, where they might be going, and using this information to develop a language pathway for them. At the basis of understanding multilingual students is a process that we call ethnolinguistic profiling. An ethnolinguistic profile is a picture of a child in languages. It relates and recounts where they have acquired different languages and from whom, which languages they use in different domains and for different topics, what their educational history is in these languages, and which languages they will need to take with them into adulthood. This is a complex set of information that ca

What is ethical bilingual education?

Bilingual education is a hot topic these days, in both state and international education. On the whole, I support (obviously!) most bilingual education efforts, and increasing provisions for such. There is a danger, however, in trying to apply a one-size fits all mentality when it comes to bilingual education that can lead to potential detrimental effects for some students. As is any other area of education, I think that it is critical to look at the ethical issues involved for both individual students and cohorts of students, to ensure that the programmes are designed to be of benefit to the students, and not only to a school's reputation or marketing. Ethical Bilingual Education from a Gro

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