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Host Country Language Teaching - How do we get it right?

One of the first things I say when working with a new group of teachers of "host country language" in international schools is: You guys have the hardest job! And, without maligning any of the other hard-working international school teachers, this might very well be the case. So why is it so challenging to provide quality host country tuition in international schools? Here is a short list of reasons: 1. Classes will often include a wide range of abilities, from students who have been living in the country for awhile to students who are newly arrived. 2. Classes will usually include students whose parents want them to learn the local language, and students whose parents are not really that in

When is CLIL not really CLIL?

There are myriad terms we use to describe teaching in a language, and they are often used interchangeably as they spread from one context to another. One of these terms is CLIL; it was developed in a certain context, to describe a type of programme, and has since become used to describe a wider sets of related but distinct practices. Here is an overview of terms and methods currently in use. EMI: English-medium education This describes any type of teaching in which the delivery language is English. It can describe classes with only first-language English speakers, but is more commonly used to describe classes in which non-English speakers are being taught in English. CBI: Content-based instr

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